Growing a Coaching Culture in Your Organization

Research has shown that a coaching culture will:

– Better engage employees in their work and their role

– Increase employee accountability and responsibility for their results

– Build the capability of employees to deliver improved results

– Create more positive, constructive behaviours.

Who wouldn’t want all that?

While you can’t grow a thriving garden overnight, you also can’t transform your culture overnight. It takes:

1.Significant pre-planning of what and where to plant the new seeds (way of being).

This takes a comprehensive Communication Plan and dedicated Leadership Commitment in both sponsorship and participation.

2.Hard work and focus to cultivate new skills and mind-sets.

A ‘learning-emersion’ training program that teaches participants the foundations of a coaching relationship and fundamental coaching skills such as powerful questioning and listening as well as acknowledgement and feedback to build confidence and generate positivity.

3.Dedication for it to flourish and sustain itself going forward.

To truly become part of the culture and be “the way it is around here”, this practice must be embraced by EVERYONE and a “Coach Approach” be taken in every interaction.



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